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October 2012 news, policy & resources summary

The first item in this month’s newsletter is about the last week’s big news announcement - £40m available for local authorities to support action on fuel poverty, green deal and collective energy switching.

We strongly encourage authorities to consider an application (individually or jointly) into the 3 funding streams. CLASP is available to help with a little in-kind support if you would like to discuss your ideas or applications.


Amongst much else this month’s update contains:

·         £40m for Local Authority “Local Energy Bill Blitz”

·         Green Deal – new guides, supported DECC events, cashback announcement

·         Sustainable Heat – events, resources

·         Resilience, Health & Adaptation

·         Support for Council Members

·         Planning Update

·         Did You Miss…?

·         Other news and resources

·         CLASP events

·         Other events


You can download the newsletter here.

Please let us know if you have anything that you would like to contribute to future updates.