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November 2012 news, policy & resources update

You can download the update from here

In the last few days there’s been a lot of developments with the emergence of the Energy Bill and associated package of proposals. We start this update therefore with a focus on this, and links so you can follow them up. Beyond the Energy Bill though it’s also been a busy month, so if it’s not where your interests lie then just skip on over using the short-cuts on the first page. As always we’ve got a full round-up for you of news, resources, opportunities and events including:

  • Energy Bill Details
  • Electricity Demand Reduction Consultation
  • Better Deal for Energy Consumers
  • RHPP Funding Winners
  • Green Deal Update
  • Green Investment Bank Stars Investing
  • Resilience examples from East Midlands Councils
  • Evidence of Increasing Climate Change
  • New Planning Resources
  • News from the NW
  • CLASP Events
  • Climate Local
  • Other News & Climate Week


You can download the update from here