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New Public Sector Biomass Heating Guidance from CLASP

Over the next few weeks we will be launching the final outputs of CLASP's 2011/12 project funding.

First off we have:  


Biomass Heating Guidance for the Public Sector

There has already been a great deal written on why to install biomass heating, biomass fuels, fuel delivery, and installing biomass systems. So why did CLASP's 2011/12 project support fund contributed to this special guidance for the public sector?   Quite simply it wasn’t put simply enough.    

This new publication from CLASP (produced by the Liverpool City Region authorities and Merseyforest) assumes you understand the climate change issues, are committed to installing biomass heating, you are happy to source your fuel from one of the many local suppliers and you aren’t considering a complex Combined Heat and Power option. You just want to replace the existing heating system with a biomass system.    

This toolkit provides simple solutions for your first steps on a journey to install an increasing amount of biomass heating.   Reference to other options and further information is given, but you can save this for a later date when you are confident with biomass at a number of less complex sites.  

Once you have got a few installations under your belt you’ll wonder why you hadn’t done it earlier.      

Click here for the biomass specification guidance      



Looking for Information for Householders?

Take a look at our Biomass Installation Factsheet for information and support for domestic scale installations (produced by the Cheshire authorities in 2011 with support from CLASP).