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End of Feed In Tariff Pre-accreditation

DECC has released their response to the Feed-In Tariff (FiT) pre-accreditation consultation this afternoon (available at:


To summarise:

The ability to pre-accredit and pre-register will be removed, with effect from 1st October 2015. This is for new applications only, those which already have been granted pre-accreditation will not be affected

Depending upon the outcome of the full FiT review, DECC may consider reintroducing pre-accreditation either for all groups or on a more limited basis. 


Community Energy England have the following advice:

In the meantime you can take the following actions:

·       If you have any community projects in the pipeline register them now

·       Sign this petition: It focuses on solar in the title but does refer to wider renewable energy and is gaining good momentum

·       Submit a response to the consultation and encourage your members and partner to do so as well

·       Encourage your supporters to register at - 10:10 will soon be launching a "Keep Fits" campaign to tie in with the current consultation. A key element of this will be a portal that allows lay people to submit unique response. Register to be the first to know when the campaign goes live


As well as demonstrating the impact that proposed changes will have, it is also important to feed in the wider benefit that community energy has. 10:10 are looking to showcase stories of community energy - both existing successes and those projects hugely damaged by these announcements. If you'd be interested in telling your story please get in touch with